Adrienna Dionna Turner

Author. Actress. Advocate. Visionary.
Librarian. Legal.   

Dream Summore

Adrienna Turner writing as Dream Summore. Dream Summore debut novel is "Mirror, Beware!" Now the updated title and new book cover of the Mirror Saga Series: Book 1: Mirrors Lie. Inspirational drama for young, new adults (ages 15-25). She is a native born in North Chicago, IL (Great Lakes Naval Base). She has embraced writing since the early age of eleven years old as therapeutic-healing and writes to heal the young generation with their surreal issues that is overlooked. Her passion is to write inspirational dramas, family sagas, and romance fiction to evoke the emotions and the dreams of the youth to become who they were called to be. 


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"Dream Summore delivers a soul-searching  and destiny-driven novel with "Mirror, Beware!" I hope there is a sequel!"-Author and Playwright, Vanessa Richardson

"Mirror, Beware is a riveting, heartrending, and compassionate our hearts to be loving and nurturing.  Dream Summore does an excellent job to open our eyes and no longer blinded from our true identities." --Lady Dee Dee Turner.